Corona i Nepal

Brev fra Guru Prashant medio august 2020
Guru er leder af Belhi Health Clinic

Guru Prashant

Dear Flemming and Ferenc,

As you already know, we (most of the SEIT’s components) are adversely affected by COVID-19. BHC remained closed since the beginning of the second quarter and continued till the 3rd week of june. After several discussions among the clinic staff we opened the clinic taking possible precautions (Mask, Sanitizer, measuring temperature of patients for fever screening). We used the downstairs room for OPD patients and continued our opd service for more than one month, when several cases of COVID were seen in Janakpur which increased rapidly and the local government announced curfew till further notice. After that we again decided to close BHC to decrease the risk of transmission. During the period Dental service was closed and the patient flow was about 5-7 per day on an average. During the lockdown period we donated a few packets of safepads and few disposable pads to the women in quarantine of Dhanusha, Mahottari and Sarlahi district .

At present there are more than 65 cases in Hanspur municipality, more than 185 cases in janakpur and 488 cases in Dhanusha district itself.
A week ago, 37 hospital staff including 2 doctors tested positive in Janakpur Zonal hospital. Most of the bank and government office staff have also tested positive. Covid related deaths are also increasing rapidly since a few weeks, So the local government has increased Curfew till further notice. Central and Local governments are worried to face the scenario in coming days and same for us.

Before the lockdown we donated 2 OT lights to two hospitals in Sarlahi district. The light has been installed and already in use but we have not been able to handover those in a formal way.

For repairing the X-ray unit and C-arm, I have discussed with biomedical engineer Sanjay from NIC but he can’t help us out until lockdown ends. I tried to contact Sunil for hospital computer software but was unable to contact him as he is busy these days.

Regarding Safepad production, the goods have arrived at Jaynagar custom. Due to curfew we have not been able to bring them to Belhi. We are trying to convince the CDO(Chief District Officer) for permission regarding custom clearance. Hopefully it will be bought to belhi soon.
For now we have crossed our fingers and hope for this pandemic to get controlled soon.

It would be much more effective if we could discuss over virtual meetings on the internet for further planning and possibilities. Your input would be valuable for me and BHC as well.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Guru prashant